France ii

Really france again?? Yep France again and this time with more manpower!  Peter Oefinger joined us for a short weekend to our typical destination in the northeast of France. In the middle of may the landscape is much more green, the butterflies are flying, the orchids are blooming, the birds are singing and we started at saturday evening our search for herps. Quite fast we had three aspsvipers, but the search for Hierophis wasn't succesful, just fleeing animals.  The rest of the herps weren't findable aswell, just a young grass snake was possible. In the night we went for some amphibians without much succes, therefor we found some long eared- and tawny owl youngsters. The second day were with little mount of herps, so Peter and me enjoyed the orchids and birds, while Sebastian just wanted to burn this tares. All in all it was a nice little trip and I would do it again at every moment! Thanks Peter and Sebastian!