Lorraine ist always worth a little spring trip, so Sebastian Dörnemann and me took the chance in the begin of april to get our yearly dose of aspvipers. Cause we know the area quite well from the last year we drove straight to our beloved campingsite. After a long long ride with lots of streets with just 90km/h we arrived and ended the day with a couple beers. The next morning started with our birdy friends which wanted their part of our breakfast.

After the short breakfast we started our herping. The night was pretty cold with just 3 degrees which is not so good for us and the vipers (we were freezing in our tents so little mount of sleep). At around 11 o clock we had the first female and it was not alone by herself...

After this amazing situation we fonud our first Hierophis, which escaped much to quick for a image, so we switched the spot and in the heat of the midday we found another male.

Thescore of the first day were 4 aspvipers and one whipsnake and all in all we were not satisfied at all. So we decided to stay another night, which had much warmer temperature, which effected the snakes in a positive way. The whipsnaketheme didn't get much better, we found several more of them, but just one was caught on camera. After a few more aspsvipers we went for an spot for midwifetoads, which worked out quite well.  I would say the day was quite succesful and we ended the day with some beers. On the next day we started our way home, with a little stop at a spot for Pelodytes, without succes.