In octobre my best friend Theresa and me used the opportunity to visit our university friend Alina in Norway, which did an exchange there. We arrived in Oslo and used the first day for a little exploring the closer surroundings.

On the second day we drove to the Hardanger nationalpark. Since it was very late in Norwegian autumn there were very little birds or other animals around, but the landscapes were stunning. We started very early with our day and it was well worth it, the stunning sunrise was the best I've ever seen.

At our last day before leaving Norway we visited a small island with a very special inhabitant. After spending the morning with our new animal friend we visited an adder habitat close to Oslo. For sure it was to cold and rainy for them, but to have a look at a northern habitat of Vipera berus was very cool. We had a very short time in Norway but it was awesome, especially with this nice company.