It was about time to go for the yearly herpingtrip! This time Croatia with my good friend Marc Prokein. The targets were picked quick and we were ready to do everything for them. Cause it was quite early in the season we had to fight against the very hard weather conditions cause in march and april wind, rain and coldness is a thing in the south. We had a little bit more luck, cause we had much more dry conditions than we should have. After 16 hours of driving we arrived at Krk island, the golden isle. The sun was shining, 18 degress, what more for herping? After put down our stuff we started herping!

The first herps we found were the typical allrounders. At a little lakesite we heard the call of many different frogs and toads and quite fast we found our first snake, a Natrix natrix persa. After a night full of rain the morning was sunny but cold, but with the sun the herps came out.

Before traveling more south we spend the third day on Krk. The weather got worse and so we had the morning with sun, but the evening with a lot of rain, so just a few herps.

The next day we left Krk and went more south, where the weather was very nice and sunny. Since we didn't had so much time at the travelday, we just drove a little bit around with little herping.

Next day Vransko Jezero with much mines, mosquitos and little mount of herps.. very sad, we hoped for more!

The plans for the next day were the mountains of Paklenica. We thought it would be no problem to hike from the Mala Paklenica to the Velika Paklenica, which big failure. we hiked hiked and hiked, but at the end of the day we had our dream target the mighty Vipera ammodytes. We suffered so much for it, climbed went through streams and destroyed our feet, but totally worth it.

Hurting feed and lucky we tried our best on the next day, which had the best weather conditions, but we found nothing..

After four days in the south we drove into the hinterlands and into the bad weather.. it was close to 0 degrees but the landscapes of Plitvicka Jezera made us happy enough. Cause it rained the mass of tourist were not around as usal and we had a little more time for our photography.

When we woke up, the landscape was white! There were a massive snow storm and we lost the hope to find any herps. We wanted to drive back home, but around Zagreb the conditions were quite ok for Adders and so we called our Croatian friend Bero.  He send us to Ivo Peranic who could show us some Bosnian adders.. we teamed up and started herping. On easter sunday we search easter eggs and found some.. a few beautiful adders and a Natrix. Great end of a great journey.

All in all it was a great journey and a big thank you to Marc for the nice trip, thank you very much Ivo Peranic for the nice eastereggs and thanks Bero for your support!



Hierophis gemonensis

Natrix natrix persa

Natrix tessellata

Zamenis longissimus

Vipera ammodytes

Vipera berus bosniensis

Algyroides nigropunctatus

Podarcis siculus

Podarcis melisellensis

Pseudopus apodus

Lacerta trilineata

Lacerta viridis


Bufo bufo spinosus

Bufo viridis (DOR)

Pelophylax ridibundus