This year I decided to take the island Corfu as my traveldestination. Corfu is called green island and seemed as the perfect target for a herping trip in spring. Corfu has 36 species of herps and so lot to do for just a week. The weather in spring is very instable weather but all in all it was good enough for a week full of fun. I arrived with mild 23 degrees and a few clouds, perfect conditions for herping! As I had a lot to do one the first day, the hunt began at the next day. Cause of the dangerous traffic and the short distances to the top spots for herping I rent a bicycle and started the herping. First destination was a little olive grove, with succes! A few Pseudopus, Testudo and a few lizards species! After that I went straight to the edge of a little swamp area, where I found my main target, a young Vipera ammodytes meriodinales. During I changed the lense it poorly escaped and I had to leave without good images.. Poorly enough I didn't managed to find another one.


On the next day I checked the weather forecast and it seemed perfect for the whole week. So I decided to go for a little city herping tour... Corfu city is just perfect!

Korfu Stadt (zum vergrößern anklicken)
Korfu Stadt (zum vergrößern anklicken)
Die alte Festung der Stadt ist nicht nur kulturell Wertvoll (anklicken zum Vergrößern)
Die alte Festung der Stadt ist nicht nur kulturell Wertvoll (anklicken zum Vergrößern)

After the little tour I went back to the hotel and the weather forecast changed in a negative way. The whole week would be rainy and cold, but well a herper has to do, what a herper has to do. The next day should be the best one of the week so I decided to go more south on the island. I checked several sites for Eryx and Zamenis longissimus without succes, but there were enough other critters.

I were able to find several species in the laguna of the island, but poorly I were not able to photograph every single one Mauremys rivulata , Natrix n. persa , Bufo viridis, Bufo bufo. The following day it rained very heavy but none the less I went for herping. I checked the same spot where I found the ammo with very big succes!

I was able to find the most rare species on Corfu the Cat eyed snake Telescopus fallax! But it didn't stopped there but take a look by yourself!

The rain was getting to the worst possible point and the temperatures dropped I tried my best to find more species. It was a hard time, but there were always something nice under a stone which made me happy.

The periods between the herps I photographed the dversity of flowers and the tone of scolopendras.  At the last day I was able to find one of my favourite species, Malpolon insignitus fuscus. I found several of those snakes, but they were always to fast for me.

All in all I had a lot of fun despite the whole weather thing. I found 22 of 36 species on the island and I think this is quite good for 6 days of herping by myself.




- Lacerta trillineata

- Algyroides nigropunctatus

- Podarcis tauricus

- Laudakia stellio

- Hemidactylus turcicus

- Pseudopus adopus

- Anguis graeca


- Natrix natrix persa

- Malpolon insignitus fuscus

- Vipera ammodytes meriodinalis

- Telescopus fallax

- Typhlops vermicularis

- Platyceps najadum



- Testudo hermanni

- Emys orbicularis

- Mauremys rivulata





- Rana dalmatina

- Pelophylax ridibundus

- Pelophylax epeiroticus

- Bufo viridis

- Bufo b. spinosus



- Lissotriton vulgaris graecus