Hello people!
I am Niklas Banowski from Düsseldorf, Germany in 1993.
Since my early childhood I am into nature especially in searching reptiles and amphibians. At the age of ten I started to keep reptiles and it didn’t take long and I also tried to catch some herps with my camera. What started with just documentary images turned with the help of my father in a much more enthusiastic way of taking pictures.
No, I am not just a hobbyist, I did my Bachelor of Science in biology in Düsseldorf and doing my master studies right now at the Ruhr Universität Bochum. While doing this I am working as a freelancer biologist in the field with reptiles, amphibians, birds and bats. Through my knowledge I have a good connection to the animals and working with them gives me many opportunities to display different species of the European fauna (mainly amphibians and reptiles).
Since 2016 I am a member in the „Gesellschaft für Naturfotografen“.