Niklas Banowski Wildlifephotography/Fieldherpetology


Hello people!

 I am Niklas Banowski born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany since 1993.

Since my early childhood I am into nature especially in searching reptiles and amphians.

In the age of ten I started to keep reptiles and it didn’t took long and I also tried to catch some herps with my camera. What started with just documentary images turned with the help of my father in a much more enthusiastic way of taking pictures. Today my focus is a little bit brighter and it I take images of nearly all wild animals.

No, I am not just a hobbyist, I did my bachelor of science in biology in Düsseldorf and doing my masterstudies rightnow at the Ruhr Universität Bochum. While doing this I am working for the biological station Krickenbeckerseen. My job helps me to photograph the animals in the way I  want to and my knowledge about the european fauna makes it easier for me to get my images without harming the animals to much.

Since 2016 I am a member in the „Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen“. My camera and lenses are Nikon products.